Posted by: Steph | October 18, 2008

Walk it Out

Firstly, thanks to all the welcomers, I appreciate you not removing me from the blogroll :D I knew I’d be back, I just didn’t know when. My posts will still be somewhat sporadic I’m sure. Just not with 6 month hiatuses.

So the other day I was randomly browsing videos on YouTube, and I came across this little piece here, and I can’t stop watching.

Tonight before work, I was thinking to myself.. “Hey, I can do this, it can’t be all that hard.”

And then I started getting down with the get down, and then I got low. And then I pulled my back. And then I felt like an old jackass. Hahaha. When I got to work, I was walking with a slight limp, and I just know something is a little out of place. Ah well, it’ll right itself pretty quickly.

Seriously though. I’m hell bent on getting this shit down. My brother and I are gonna start practicing and it is my goal to showcase our new found talent at my going away “bowling bash (aka 5 people from work that I don’t hate.)” I will be the girl in the red shirt to my brother’s guy in the black sweater. Oh yes!

For now, with my back hurting…. I’ve just got to walk it out. SNAP.



  1. Oddly this is white guy dancing at its finest. i have all those moves!

  2. It’s harder than it looks… to be truly good at it. I guess? There are different degrees of walking it out.

    Haha. I feel silly

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