Posted by: Steph | April 18, 2007

No Rest For The Weary

Being that I work in a late night environment, my sleep schedule often becomes erratic. The last few days have found me having trouble trying to get to bed at what I would consider a “reasonable” hour. This morning was no different.

It was hard enough that what I found myself watching while trying to lull myself to sleep was coverage of the Virginia Tech massacre. I started to cry a bit when they began listing the names of victims; it really made it that much more human. Especially when they were talking about a man who had just been married… can you imagine being his new wife? To know you were robbed of a future with the person whom you most cherished? Or the teacher who was a Holocaust survivor, outliving the terror of Hitler, that died trying to protect his students on Holocaust remembrance day. It’s all just so amazingly tragic. What else is there to say?

Once I forced myself to watch something else, and I finally began drifting asleep, I hear loud pounding on my front door. I’m like.. who the hell is this? Some overzealous UPS man? Then I heard the sirens in the backround and I was really hoping the two weren’t connected. Once I figured out the pounder wasn’t going away I got out of bed and groggily opened the door. “We need you to get out immediately, there is a fire upstairs.” Great. I quickly surveyed what I could take with me, but figured I was safe with just my purse and a robe. That breeze is nippy, man. There was no smell of smoke when I stepped outside, so that was a good sign. After standing outside for about 10-15 minutes, we were told that it was a small fire probably started with a portable heater. Funtimes. I was going to write an entry yesterday about how much I detest the people upstairs and their loud, stompy children; and how they constantly wake me up. Appartently now they even want to start fires just so I can’t get a peaceful night’s morning’s rest. F’in a people, f’in a.


  1. Hey! You didn’t fall off the face of the earth! Sorry about your lack of sleep. I haaate not getting a good night’s sleep. Glad the fire was no big deal.

  2. It’s good reading your blogs again, you’ve been gone for awhile. I’m glad to hear your alright, it’s a good thing it was a small fire!

    It breaks my heart hearing about the Virginia Tech shootings. It’s all you see on tv. It’s sad, and depressing…my heart goes out to all of the family and friends who lost loved ones.

  3. Ahhh man, don’t tell me my post is a “cock block”! I’m sorry!

    By the way, who the heck are you?

  4. Hellooooo? Echo, echo. I miss your blog. Come back!

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